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Welcome to my writing world!

I had two blogs to crunch science in simple words-WordPress blog and Medium blog. Given my current hustles as a full-time researcher, I am left with too little time to manage a separate channel for writing.

But that’s not all. There is another reason which is linked to that time paucity. Prior to this, I used to focus my writing on the general science and academic topics. As my responsibilities have grown, researching topics beyond my present scope also demands extra time that is unaffordable for me.

That’s why this blog page of my website would host all my future writings (2022 onwards). The Wordpress blog would showcase all my previous works like an archive.

Research Blogging

I posted my last article on Medium in June. After that, I migrated to another country, joined a prestigious doctoral training program, and started working on my research project.

Guess what? I didn’t (and couldn’t) post articles that I had written in June-July. And, for the last two months, I was trying to figure out how can I keep this writing sapling alive in the deserted, arid land of fundamental science research.

Fortunately, Google showed me a result that I really needed to see. Why I keep a research blog—a fantastic piece by Gregory Gundersen, a former grad student at Princeton University.

The idea is to keep up with writing while staying in the cubicle of scientific research. There are plenty of examples of research blogs but very few blogs are managed by people who also work as full-time researchers.

Instead of having to choose every time what to write and where to write, I have created a separate page on my personal website to write blogs. Only research blogs, as of now.

My topics

Well, the topics of writing would be hard to pinpoint. Since future articles would have links to concomitant research, my research direction may govern their whereabouts as well.

To provide an overview, I am likely to cover a few topics that are very closely related to my research—

  • Deep dives in C–H activation
  • Sneak peeks into latest borazine research
  • Aspects of optoelectronic materials
  • Utility of catalysis in pharma research

I am heavily invested in reading scientific articles from these genres and would try to zip up my thoughts on this blog.

The End

Thanks for checking out my blog. I sincerely look forward to sharing insider views on emerging fields of chemical research.

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