Artificial Intelligence Writes A Scientific Paper About Itself

GPT-3, an AI tool by OpenAI, has scripted a scientific publication about itself with just one human command

Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash

Plenty of young researchers face mental roadblocks when they sit down to write their thesis. What if AI can do that on their behalf?

Surely, these people would be at the top of the world. Who will not like a 100k-word thesis being written in a couple of days!

Researchers based in Sweden have made OpenAI’s AI tool, GPT-3, write a research paper on its own. And about itself.

In a trial, the researchers wrote in the command section of GPT-3, “Write an academic thesis in 500 words about GPT-3 and add scientific references and citations inside the text.”

And guess what? A screen got filled with a thread of texts, put together in a way a scientific paper is jotted down. References and citations were also placed neatly and precisely.

The paper is an ensemble of paragraphs, scripted section-wise. Say, introduction, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion. And this was ‘written’ by GPT-3 itself, without having any human inputs.

The team was surprised since GPT-3 is fairly new in the AI world. Henceforth, very few studies have been conducted on it. It scoured and analyzed the data from those studies, ending up with a completed research manuscript.

The manuscript has been uploaded on a pre-print server and awaiting peer review for an academic journal.

This trial is phenomenal and revolutionary. But the possibility unleashed may have undesired consequences in the scientific world. And ethical questions pop up in no time.

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