A page dedicated to showcasing the research activities I do as well as some travel diaries that this profession allows me to document. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow multiple “Posts Pages”. That’s why I created this page that would chronicle my journey as a researcher. This static page would chronicle pictures and associated details with date stamps in descending order.

📅4-7 July 2022
⚗️STiBNite Summer School 2022
📌Sky Lounge, Universität Wien

Recently I was in Vienna to attend the 2nd summer school, organized by the STiBNite consortium. I presented my progress in using cross-coupling and CH activation strategies to install new functional moieties at the periphery of organoborazine. A couple of pictures of the entire group and the ESRs.

📅27-30 September 2021
⚗️STiBNite Summer School 2021
📌Institute of Advanced Studies, TU Munich

First time in an international meeting amongt a bunch of young and bright scholars. I joined the 15-membered team a month back so I only presented my research background and my plan to accomplish the project.