A page dedicated to showcasing the research activities I do as well as some travel diaries that this profession allows me to document. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow multiple “Posts Pages”. That’s why I created this page that would chronicle my journey as a researcher. This static page would chronicle pictures and associated details with date stamps in descending order.

📅20-24th February 2023
⚗️STiBNite Winter School 2023
📌Sala dei Notari, Universita degli Studi di Perugia

Along with Laura Caputo and Miquel Garcia, I participated in a public outreach talk organized by our consortium in Perugia. We tried to ignite interest in young minds for science and along with talks, we also demonstrated a 3D printed device that came out of our project.

📅20th October 2022
⚗️SCI ViSYOChem 2022
📌Virtual Conference

I presented my work in progress at the conference of ViSYOChem 2022, organized by Società Chimica Italiana. This contribution was posted on Twitter and visually elaborates the greenification of the bromination method, used for substituted borazines.

📅4-7th July 2022
⚗️STiBNite Summer School 2022
📌Sky Lounge, Universität Wien

Recently I was in Vienna to attend the 2nd summer school, organized by the STiBNite consortium. I presented my progress in using cross-coupling and CH activation strategies to install new functional moieties at the periphery of organoborazine. A couple of pictures of the entire group and the ESRs.

📅27-30th September 2021
⚗️STiBNite Summer School 2021
📌Institute of Advanced Studies, TU Munich

First time in an international meeting amongt a bunch of young and bright scholars. I joined the 15-membered team a month back so I only presented my research background and my plan to accomplish the project.